The difference between a vaccine-injured two-month old and a vaccine-injured 30-year old

“What’s the difference between a vaccine-injured two-month old and a vaccine-injured 30-year old? The 30-year old has a Facebook account and is going to tell everyone about it. The poor baby has to suffer several more rounds after its mother is told “It’s all normal,” but an adult is probably not going to ride that bull more than once before speaking up.

Guillain Barre? ADEM? Anaphylatic shock? Instant food allergy? Joint pain? Shoulder injury? Brand new seizure disorder? Tell us alllll about it. Be sure to file for compensation while you’re at it. I can’t wait to hear these stories. Adult mandates are going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to this non-existent anti-vaccination movement.

… This is super because babies suck at telling us exactly how they felt after being shot up with multiple viruses, bacteria, formaldehyde, aluminum and 25 micrograms of mercury. They suck at giving interviews on CNN, they suck at protesting, walking off jobs en masse, and testifying in legislative committee hearings. You know who doesn’t suck at all of that? Grownups. So bring it.

— Levi Quackenboss,


2 thoughts on “The difference between a vaccine-injured two-month old and a vaccine-injured 30-year old

  1. It was not until 5 years after my son’s FIRST injury, that I suffered my own vaccine injury & completely woke up to the dangers of vaccines. I had to FEEL that one & LIVE it myself to fully grasp what my son was enduring.

    By then my son had had 2 near fatal injuries & a 3rd, where he lost many functions & would slam his head on the floor & walls, screaming the entire time. He was later diagnosed with 6 autism disorders,

    When I was injured, I’d ended up in the ER for what I thought was a tetanus vaccine. Years later I found my yellow card I was given at the ER & to my shock & dismay, I found I had been given FOUR vaccines that day, rather than the one I’d assumed was just tetanus. I now understand this is pretty standard, though now is usually DTaP.

    Within hours, I was on all fours, crawling to care for my two children. I had a high fever, vomiting & diarrhea. I hurt literally everywhere & I felt like my head would explode.

    Weeks later, I presented with a horrible, painful, weeping rash on my torso. It was determined this was shingles.. (Not sure of the association to the vaccine I was given, but I suspect it might have been an egg adjuvant.)

    I recovered from that & within 10 days or so, I woke up with burning skin up & down my arms & along the side of my thigh. That was 28 years ago & it took many years of suffering with this type of symptom before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (which I am pretty sure is a patent diagnosis for, “We don’t really know WHAT you have.”) I am also pretty sure that Fibromyalgia symptoms are the body’s sympathetic response to other, more serious issues. I would later go on to be diagnosed with several autoimmune illnesses – one of which is potentially fatal.

    It is truly unfortunate, in my son’s case, that in spite of my continued expressions of concern & fear that vaccines were causing my son grievous harm, I allowed myself to be bullied into continuing to vaccinate him. Oh, the diseases he WOULD get.. He’s almost 33 now & disabled. He does not have a Facebook account, but he does speak up these days when anyone attempts to talk him into taking flu shots, & various pharmaceuticals.

    If I’d had access to information 32 years ago that spoke to the dangers of vaccines, rather than the pap drivel we’re being spoon-fed by the mainstream media today & CDC lies & cover-ups (William Thompson & Wakefield’s studies were debunked, blah, blah, blah.. ) – I am quite sure things would have been different. Today, we have access to a network of truth & accurate studies & a wealth of information that would be difficult to ignore. As parents, anyone who turns a blind eye to the information that is available is sadly in for a wake-up call at some point. A handout from your pediatrician is NOT to be confused with a vaccine insert.

    It is unfortunate that my son could not speak about how he felt & that no one had the means or the wherewithal to say ENOUGH.

    My son would have had a decent education, a wife, children, a drivers license. Instead, he has none of those things.

    He’s a caring, loving young man, who is so frequently misunderstood. But he is loved & appreciated by many.

    Thank -you for such an eye opening article!!


  2. I so agree with Dee above, that Fibromyalgia was a catchall term, as it happened to me after three vaccines, Tetanus, Rubella and Pneumonia! Rubella vax made me bleed post partum for seventee months, TEtanus and Pneumonia made me sicker and develop hemifacial spasms and although one of seven siblings, I’d NEVER had a case of pneumonia, EVER…That is until I got the damn PNEUMOVAX! three hospitalizations in 2012 a few unhospitalized cases 2013, I even had pneumonia WHEN they removed my thyroid cancer and left styloid! Doctors then feel they have free reign to over medicate you into oblivion. If it was not for my incessant research, I;’d not have known what I’d had, it turned out to be the following:

    I want to also shed light on the testing that goes on for patients POST vaccine or illness. I’d had many Ris for undiagnosed Lyme of 22+ years duration and have become POSIONED via Gadolinium Toxicity, I developed Fibrosisof bowel, ddermal fibrosis etc please go to for BEST INFO ON NET on the sinbejct of Gadolinium Deposition Diseaes, thsi will be the AIDS of the new Age! IT is already damaging the NFL (CTE is nto only happenign in those with concussions, it is happening in those with NSF adn NON neophrogenic systemic fibrosis, all those oaitents having MRI s for car accidents, a box fell o on them at work, suspected brain disorders etc!
    you CAN refuse MRI Gadolinium contrast, its BEST not to know what is wrong than to KNOW youve irreparably harmed yourself!

    NEVER forget though that there ARE in-between illnesses that should NOT go unchecked. I had Thyroid cancer, Eagle syndrome, Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet syndrome, bowel prolapses, bladder prolapse, Sjogren’s, Lupus, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and most of all, the most likely culprit to exacerbating MANY of these conditions:

    NON-NEPHROGENIC SYSTEMIC FIBROSIS, (dermal and bowel) caused by Bayer’s Gadolinium MRI Contrast injected into me, seared into my arteries and veins via General Electric’s MRI Machines, to diagnose all for the Lyme symptoms as well as Barium Impaction, plus bowel fibrosis!

    *Doctors will over-medicate you for Fibromyalgia, which NEVER existed in the 70’s & 80’s until the advent of MRI contrast and machines in 1988, to deal with the patients that the CT contrast was harming, MRI contrast was invented and use skyrocketed, then all fo a sudden, patients were coming down wtih this “mystery illness” Some doctors don;’t even believe in it, many were on teh fence, that is, until PIG PHARMA started making medications to combat the various symtpoms of it. Over medciating me to a point that I was UNABLE to get out of bed for four full years and then some, using a cane and a wheelchair just to go food shopping when I was able to roll my 180 lb body up out of bed,

    *I was totally over medicated with Vioxx and Zelnorm, which sky rocketed my cholesterol, given Baycol which never lowered it only DIET and red yeast rice can and did, these three drugs were pulled from the market. Only when my thryoid was PROPERLY diagnosed (no I was not a complaining hosuewife with nothing better to do, I had “toxic mutlinodular goiter” a very dangerous condition for whcih I received ablation, which never fully KILLED my thryoid function adn I dropped from 180 to 92 bs! Only then was it beleived I had enough of a medical condition to warrant proper medications!

    In April 2014, I had my entire thyroid removed along with my left styloid bone (Eagle syndrome) anotehr “rare” condition that I diagnosed via the Internet!

    and now, onto waiting to have my ribs removed for Neurogenic hHoracic Outlet syndrome, becuase they are blocking proper bloodflow to the brain, no WONDER I am tired, can’t think and out of breath, despite being in the best physcial shape weight wise, of my entire life!

    Listen to your body, do the research, if something doesn’t feel right, it IS NOT RIGHT! HOUND your doctors until they DO LISTEN or get one who does, they are out there but few & far between! You should NEVER have to go outside your insurance company for care, if that is happening FIX IT!

    check the comments section for some pictures of how to pay a doctor bill when your doctor has been the biggest a**hole*( DAVID DORNFELD OF FAMILY WELLNESS CENTER MIDDLETOWN NJ, A SUPPOSED LYME LITERATE MEDICAL DOCTOR) of them all and DENIES that your exposures to a toxic heavy metal of which Gadolinium is, are why you feel deathly ill! I PAID HIM IN PENNIES FOR MY RECORDS! “IAOTTSLDOTGOTDWDH” figure it out!

    and if it wasn’t for the refusal of all of the insurance companies to properly treat Lyme in the first place, they are going to go bankrupt when all the patients like me, start asking for the right tests, hire themselves a Patients’ Advocate who takes no shit from nobody AND ARE NEVER INTIMIDATED BY THE REPREHENSIBLE TACTICS USED TO SCARE PATIENTS FROM EVER ASKING FOR CARE IN THE FIRST PLACE! THE TIME HAS COME…WE ARE STRONGER THAN YOU ANTICIPATED!

    (although NTOS is a congenital condition whcih can be exacerbated via sports and posture, it is also being held that when arteries and veins become fibrosed/scarred via GADOLINIUM, this is one of the first areas to suffer! I don’t care how many scars I have to endure, TOXIC HEAVY METALS DO NOT BELONG IN THE HUMAN BODY…EVER! Not for diagnosis nro treatment of anything!

    This surgery is what I have to look forward to that will finally alleviate my painful body! and I have to travel out of state to have this done (after I do a video consult first!)

    neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome

    Surgical approaches have also been used successfully in TOS.[16] In cases where the first rib (or a fibrous band extending from the first rib) is compressing a vein, artery, or the nerve bundle, the first rib and scalene muscles and any compressive fibrous tissue can be removed. This procedure is called a First rib resection and scalenectomy and involves going through the underarm area, above the collarbone, or back of the neck area and removing the first rib, scalene muscles, and any compressive fibrous tissue to open the area to allow increased blood flow and/or reduce nerve compression. In some cases there may be a rudimentary rib or a cervical rib that can be causing the compression, which can be removed using the same technique.

    Physical therapy is often used before and after the operation to decrease recovery time and improve outcomes. Potential complications include pneumothorax, infection, loss of sensation, motor problems, subclavian vessel damage, and, as in all surgeries, a very small risk of permanent serious injury or death. (Mary Shomon’s thyroid support on FB) (link to herThyroid sexy group on FB)


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