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A step by step explanation of how vaccines are manufactured

“The measles virus—just as the same as the mumps virus, same as the yellow fever virus—is grown on the embryos of birds. Basically, you get fertilized eggs, wait until there’s an embryo. Kill the embryos. Mash them up, and put them in what they call an incubator. They wait two or three days, and they add some previous culture, similar culture to it. And then they pipe off the fluid from underneath the cell culture… to be made into the vaccine.

They filter out everything bigger than a virus. They filter out bacteria. But they can’t filter out viruses because they want measles virus, mumps virus in the vaccine. And what these scientists, name scientists at our senior establishments have reported, this means there could be prions—mad cow disease—could be in there. There could be oncogenes (genes that have the potential to cause cancer)… they say this… we don’t know if they’re there.

There’s all sorts of cellular debris from the dead birds… in the vaccines. Do we filter this out? No, we don’t. Have we purified the measles virus? Now, all the live virus vaccines are minimally purified. I quote unquote, they’re saying that. So every normal licensed vaccine, every one of the vaccines our children are getting, contains fragments of DNA, fragments of genetic codes that these scientists report are highly mutagenic… They say at these meetings, well, they could cause autoimmune diseases and cancers… as they’ve got no, no reason to say they don’t. They simply say we don’t know what they’re causing.

The chairman of the meeting (of scientists) said, well have we tested it for the amount of free DNA… from birds. And they said, no, we haven’t tested it, we have got no way of testing it. This is before they add aluminum, and it’s before they add mercury or any other adjuvants. This is what all vaccines… they call it the substrate. And one scientist from Britain said, if the Greens in my country heard about what we are discussing, they’d demand immediately the ending of all vaccination. Cause we simply don’t know what’s in our vaccines.”

— Janine Roberts, medical writer and investigative journalist

Courtesy: The Outliers


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