parents and child walking along the beach

No one has the moral right to dictate to parents as to their children

“People say I don’t want that vaccine, for example. It just makes you sad. It’s really horrible that we’ve come all this way, and still there’s so much confusion. … So we need to speak out and make sure that children have the right to be healthy, stay healthy. Their parents need to know… come on, you can’t leave your kids at risk this way, and the wonders of science are a gift for us. … But when parents do that to their kids, it’s worse than a tragedy… that’s really a crime if you leave kids exposed to that kind of ignorance.”

— Jeffrey Sachs, world renowned economist

“Prof. Sachs is correct here: children do, indeed, have the right to be healthy and to stay healthy. The larger point is HOW they stay healthy, and WHO decides how they do it. And the crime, Prof. Sachs, isn’t leaving our kids exposed to what you describe as ignorance. What has the scent of ignorance and arrogance is when individuals such as yourself believe that you or doctors or government have the moral right—and should have the legal right—to dictate to parents what is best for THEIR children.”

— The Vaccine Reaction,

Courtesy: The Outliers


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