boy and his science kit

Debating the science of vaccines

“I think it is not important to have a debate about the science with someone who clearly doesn’t know the science.”

— Dr. Paul A. Offit, professor of pediatrics and chief of the division of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

“If you read the general information for the CDC you’ll read about antibodies. This is the corner stone of vaccinology—antibody stimulation. But this is really a kindergarten level description of the immune system. It is vastly more complex, and even immunologists don’t really understand how it works. … ‘the immune system remains a black box,’ says Gary Fathman, MD, a professor of immunology and rheumatology and associate director of the Institute for Immunology, Transplantation and Infection… ‘It’s staggeringly complex, comprising at least 15 different interacting cell types that spew dozens of different molecules into the blood to communicate with one another and to do battle. Within each of those cells sit tens of thousands of genes whose activity can be altered by age, exercise, infection, vaccination status, diet, stress, you name it… That’s an awful lot of moving parts. And we don’t really know what the vast majority of them do, or should be doing… ‘”

— Dr. Suzanne Humphries, nephrologist

Courtesy: The Outliers


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