sick in bed

Get the measles vaccine or you die

“Now when you go to the doctor and the doctor says you need to get the MMR, why do they say you need to get the measles vaccine, particularly? Well, because if your child gets measles they’re going to… die. Right, isn’t that always… well they’re going to get encephalitis, and they’re going to die… uniformly, if they get it.

Well, what actually is the truth is that in 1920, there were 469,924 cases of measles, with a 1.6% death rate. Now again, we don’t know why those people actually died. That was on their death certificate that was reported to the CDC, but we don’t know what underlying health problems that they may have had that may have contributed to that.

Then we went to 1955 when the death rate had dropped to 3 in 10 million. The death rate from measles was 3 in 10 million eight years before we started vaccinating with the measles vaccine. So yes, when measles vaccine came out we were still having outbreaks of measles, we were. People weren’t dying from it anymore, they weren’t.

And the reason they say we have to get the measles is because if you get measles you’re going to die. Well, they pretty much stopped dying from measles eight years before the vaccine went into use.”

— Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO

Courtesy: The Outliers


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