isolated from the world

The mythical eradication of smallpox

“Well, didn’t vaccines totally eradicate smallpox, and didn’t vaccines totally eradicate polio? And if that’s the truth, then if we continue to vaccinate for everything, we should be able to eradicate… everything.

But that’s really not the truth. In fact, mass vaccination had been going on worldwide since about the 1800s. The first smallpox vaccination was in [the United States] in South Carolina in 1801. So we’ve been doing smallpox vaccines for a long time. And it was halted in Third World countries because it really wasn’t working as planned. If we’d been doing all these mass vaccination campaigns all around the world, by this time we should have eradicated smallpox. And here’s an example that outbreaks were still occurring in India as recently as the late 1960s, even though they had a vaccination rate of 88%

So in 1972, the World Health Organization changed their strategy. They said well this isn’t working and this is costing us an awful lot of money, maybe we ought to try something different. So they started something called surveillance and containment. What that meant was that they would go out into the little villages and they would actively seek out people with smallpox, isolate them or quarantine them in their homes, they would do ring vaccination around the close immediate personal contacts that were there with them… and when they did that outbreaks of smallpox stopped occurring within four years, and we had reached the point of eradication within seven years.

So the mass vaccination wasn’t really working, it was something that they did different called… quarantine.”

— Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO

Courtesy: The Outliers


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