defective child

Who we blame for vaccine reactions

“Now what does the CDC say about all these [vaccine] reactions? What do they really say in their literature about this? This is a mantra that you hear over and over again—temporal association does not prove causality. And what that means in plain language is that when two things happen at the same time, you can’t prove that one caused the other. So just because you had a vaccine and you had a reaction, you can’t prove that it was the vaccine that caused the reaction.

So this is always in all of their literature, the Institute of Medicine literature, the CDC stuff—temporal association does not prove causality… is the way to just line it all out. So what if you have a really bad reaction? … because we know that this happens, we’ve even set up the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program where people are supposed to be able to go and get money if they have a vaccine injury. Who are we supposed to blame this?

Well, it’s not the vaccine, because we write all those things out, it can’t be that. And it’s really not the doctor, because the doctor thought the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is absconded from liability… and the manufacturer can’t be sued because of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, and the government isn’t responsible because you can’t sue the government anyways… we’d all like to but you can’t. So what happens?

Well, in conventional thinking, the way conventional medical doctors think about this is that the vaccine injury must have triggered some inevitable thing that happened, and that these children had some sort of a weakness that would have been manifested at this point, with or without the vaccine. So who takes the hit? The genetically defective child.”

— Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO

Courtesy: The Outliers


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