hiding information on a possible link between vaccines and autism

Dismissing a link between vaccines and autism

Do you feel that government was too quick to dismiss out of hand that there was this possibility of a link between vaccines and autism?

“I think the government, or certain public health officials within the government, have been too quick to dismiss the concerns of these families without studying the population that got sick. I haven’t seen major studies that focus on 300 kids who got autistic symptoms within a period of a few weeks of a vaccine. I think that the public health officials have been too quick to dismiss the hypothesis as irrational without sufficient studies of causation. I think that they often have been too quick to dismiss studies in the animal laboratory, either in mice, either in primates that do show some concerns with regard to certain vaccines and also to the mercury preservative in vaccines.

The government has said in a report by the Institute of Medicine in 2004 that basically said, ‘Do not pursue susceptibility groups, don’t look for those patients, those children who may be vulnerable.’ I really take issue with that conclusion. The reason why they didn’t want to look for those susceptibility groups was because they’re afraid that if they found them, however big or small they were, that that would scare the public away.

… If you read the 2004 report and converse with a few of my colleagues who believe this still to be the case, there is a completely expressed concern that they don’t want to pursue a hypothesis because that hypothesis could be damaging to the public health community at large by scaring people. I don’t believe the truth ever scares people, and if it does have an edge to it, then that’s the obligation of those who are delivering those facts… to do it in a responsible way so that you don’t terrify the public.

One never should shy away from science, one should never shy away from getting causality information in a setting in which you can test it. Populations do not test causality, they test associations. You have to go into the laboratory, and you have to do designed research studies in animals.”

— Dr. Bernadine Healy, cardiologist, former head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and president of the American Red Cross

Courtesy: The Outliers


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