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Uninformed medical experimentation and the risk of harm are human rights offenses

“The fact that your injecting doctor or nurse does not speak about or even show you the actual vaccine insert is a violation of the ethics in laws governing medical practice. This is an actionable offense. A look at the flu vaccine insert reveals, among other things, that safety and effectiveness has not been established in pregnant women. The unborn child and pregnant mother are the final phase of testing. This is why the CDC’s own website states that they are continually gathering information on vaccine safety.

Uninformed medical experimentation and the risk of harm are both intentional human rights offenses under the Nuremberg Code and the Declaration of Geneva. In addition, doctors and nurses violate numerous principles of the American Medical Association’s Code of Ethics. It is a reasonable request to present the injecting doctor or nurse forms to sign acknowledging these points and assuming full responsibility for any damage their vaccination causes during the life of your child.

The misplaced trust and goodwill of uninformed mothers is the last hiding place for drug companies. The deep pockets of drug companies will pay any price to keep their true nature and devastating crimes out of the public conversation. The mechanism of government oversight is now compromised and undependable. Years of expecting truth and safety from such organizations have left a generation of trauma and damage history will not be kind to.

Education and warnings are rapidly spreading from neighbor to neighbor. The national dialogue has changed as communities activate collectively, understanding that the voiceless sidelines are no longer an option. The continued silence of the press and the lack of investigation is only serving to add more fuel to a focused educated inferno.”

— Jefferey Jaxen

Courtesy: The Outliers


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