sick man on chair

Disease equals healing, it’s the body’s way of returning to homeostasis

“According to Hippocrates, an illness manifests itself as signs and symptoms that travel from the inner vital organs and blood circulation to the outer surface of the body. These outer symptoms manifest themselves as visible symptoms such as a rash or discharge of blood, mucous or pus.

This “throwing off” of an illness was considered a natural healing response which returned the body to a state of balance or equilibrium. And it took place only after the inner poisons produced by the disease were cooked and digested (pepsis) during the inflammatory process.

Hippocrates’s astute observations were further developed by modern science, which later uncovered the actual mechanisms of infection, inflammation and healing on these very same lines.

Disease symptoms can indeed be caused by pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. But we have also been led to think of them as enemies that we need to battle. The fact is that disease does not begin when we are exposed to or are infected with a bacterium or virus. It begins when the body begins to respond to a pathogen or the inflammatory-infectious process that it sets in motion.

This means that disease equals healing, which is the body’s way of returning to a balanced condition (homeostasis). Disease is a sure sign that the body is engaged in correcting an underlying condition that is otherwise unfavorable to its efficiency and survival.

It is critical to understand this because it turns on its head the very foundation on which vaccination theory rests. The human body’s inflammatory response to disease is, in fact, a healing process.”

— Andreas Mortiz, author of the book Vaccine-Nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time

Courtesy: The Outliers


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