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Ingredients in vaccines have never been tested for safety

“So about 10 years ago, a mother came up to me and said, hey doc did you know there’s mercury in vaccines. And I hadn’t a clue. And so my question was, well if mercury is in the vaccines what else is in the vaccines. So I open up the package inserts, and I see mercury and aluminum and formaldehyde and antibiotics and then preservatives like polysorbate 80. So I ask the pediatric resident, I said… tell me how does the body process those materials? She could not answer me. And no one in science can, because no one has looked.” ā€” Dr. Larry Palevsky, pediatrician

“You would think that the FDA would take each of those ingredients [in vaccines] and study them in human infants to make sure that each of those ingredients are safe. Well, they haven’t done that. They’ve never taken vaccine quantities of each of those ingredients and done any sort of safety testing to confirm that each one of those ingredients are safe.” ā€” Dr. Bob Sears, pediatrician

“So if you’re not doing that kind of detailed analysis, and it’s not that expensive to do, you simply can’t make any statement about the safety of these compounds in the nervous system. But it’s one of the fundamental pillars of medicine that vaccines have saved millions of people around the world and therefore can’t be questioned. And I think, in my view, everything in science can be questioned.” ā€” Dr. Chris Shaw, neuroscientist

Courtesy: The Outliers


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