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What I have learned about vaccination has shocked me

“When it comes to death with vaccines, I think there are two issues that are going on. One is you have an immediate reaction to a component in the vaccine… like an anaphylactic shock, like if you eat peanuts and you’re allergic to peanuts, you will die, your throat will close off. And there’s things in vaccines that people are allergic to that they’re not screened for, and that can happen immediately. But then there’s also a delayed reaction. And that’s something that takes place slowly over time due to chronic inflammation… and that’s how my daughter died.

… I never learned in medical school how vaccines were studied, what type of clinical trials they went through, how they evaluated adverse reactions, how they even evaluated effectiveness. So after Victoria died, I started reading everything that is put out there. Anything that would lead me to a topic, then I would Google that topic, and if there were textbooks in relation to that topic, I would order them, and then based on reading that I would order another book.

What I have learned has shocked me. There has been information out there since the smallpox vaccine was created, linking vaccinations to encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain which can cause death or permanent neurological disability. I’ve learned recently the placebo in a vaccine trial can actually be the aluminum or the mercury or another vaccine. I would assume the placebo was normal saline, which would be like water… something not harmful.

In accredited peer-reviewed medical literature, they have linked vaccinations to chronic autoimmune problems. The science is out there. People are choosing just not to look at it.”

— Stephanie Christner, DO

Courtesy: The Outliers


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