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I’d be thrown in jail for feeding vaccine ingredients to a baby

“It’s not just the metals [in vaccines] which are neurotoxic, nerve damaging, immune damaging, autoimmune-causing in-and-of-themselves, but you have things like formaldehyde which is carcinogenic, you’ve got phenyle, you’ve got antifreeze, you’ve got viruses and retroviruses from humans and animals, known retroviruses from pigs, monkeys, dogs, etc. in these vaccines. And we’re learning about the dangers of retroviruses and how they’re linked to all types of cancers. We have known carcinogens, we have polysorbate 80 which we know impacts fertility… and it’s no surprise that vaccine companies on all the package inserts say not tested for carcinogenicity, meaning cancer-causing effects, and not tested to see if infertility will be impaired.

… And parents just don’t have a clue what they… If I were to put the ingredients in vaccines, if I had a baby bottle here and I were to start adding some mercury and some aluminum and some formaldehyde and some antifreeze and some MSG and some polysorbate 80 and some pig virus and some aborted fetal tissue cells and some this and that and the other… and if I was to give your baby that in a bottle, where they’d actually have a much better chance of clearing it through their digestive tract, you’d have me thrown in jail. But somehow these same parents who would throw me in jail for feeding those ingredients to their baby in a bottle are allowing those in white coats to inject it into their babies, into a closed system where those ingredients are now trapped in the child’s brain and organs.

… And then parents don’t know either that the child’s blood-brain barrier does not close until at least age 2. We don’t know when, but it’s for sure not before age 2. So all these vaccines that they’re getting before age 2, the ingredients are going right across your child’s blood-brain barrier, and they sit there and they stay there.”

— Laura Hayes, mother of vaccine damaged children and advocate for vaccine safety

Courtesy: The Outliers


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