Eli Lilly’s safety trials on Thimerosal were a fraud

“Eli Lilly did an experiment on humans, it was an epidemic of meningitis in Indianapolis, and Eli Lilly is in Indianapolis, Indiana… 144 people came down with bacterial meningitis infections of the brain. And what Eli Lilly did is took a subgroup of those people, and they exposed them to Thimerosal, extremely high doses… it was a 1% solution. So they were giving doses to humans of Thimerosal that were killing animals in the laboratory. They gave it to them intravenously, and of the 22 people… all of them died.”

— David Geier, MedCon


“That is the only safety study ever done on Thimerosal, is that he told them that it was safe when he gave it to 22 people, all of whom died, most of whom died within a day.”

— Mark Geier, MD, PhD


‘”Yet [Thimoersal] was still approved, and all of the Thimerosal that’s still allowed today is going back to that patent from 1930. … Eli Lilly knew [the results of its trial] and they still kept using it… all these people died, and they still kept using it, and the FDA didn’t ever unapprove it.”

— Laura Hayes, mother of vaccine damaged children and advocate for vaccine safety


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