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People with antibodies to diseases still succumb to those diseases

“A big chunk of the immune system that’s missing here when we talk about vaccines is the innate immune system. The innate immune system does not work with antibodies, it works with mostly something called natural killer cells, and are often vitamin D dependent, and there’s other issues that guide them and control them, but innate immunity is your first line of immune defense, it’s the most important line of immune defense. We know that people with antibodies to diseases will still succumb to those diseases.

… The innate immunity is not addressed, mostly because if we did things that boosted our innate immunity it’s probably not patentable… it would probably be one thing if it was… and so it’s being ignored. But we don’t have the studies showing that because you have an antibody to a specific communicable disease you are therefore immune. Those don’t exist.”

— Toni Bark, MD

“We know that when you have a community-acquired infection such as measles or mumps, it engages both sides of the immune system—the side that’s called Th2 which creates the antibodies, the Th1 side of the equation which engages the self-immunity that is defined by the difference between knowing who you are and where your environment stops.

… Real infection, and you have fever and you have cytokines and you have white blood cells, and you have all of these different types of portions of your immune system coming together in a dance. And that’s where lifetime and true immunity comes from, when you are re-exposed to a virus or re-exposed to that infection your immune system has been fully engaged and recognizes that and says, I don’t have to process that again… we’ve done that once. They push out a little bit of intrinsic immune system help to push that virus out of the way… and that’s where true immunity comes from.”

— Sherri Tenpenny, DO
Courtesy: The Outliers


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