A mother is the ultimate authority of her child’s health

“My theory is that it is the rare doctor who sees mothers as people of wisdom and from whom occasionally the doctor may learn.

… We all play a role in creating this aspect of the medical culture. We, too, do not speak of the mother as the authority of her child’s health. We create and reinforce the myth that doctors know our children better than their mothers do. The lingering myth that mothers are too connected emotionally to have any judgment with regard to her child. I think we have it wrong. It is precisely because we are so emotionally connected that we have the capacity for insight. Many mothers are driven to research and follow protocols because of the love that they have for their children.

… At times, the research that a mother has done produces a hostile reaction in her child’s doctor. I think this is because, once you have educated yourself, you begin to ask questions and you may refuse to do what you are told. In my experience, not all doctors embrace questions, and many health care professionals dislike it when you do not obey.”

— Janet Farrell Leontiou, author, What Do the Doctors Say?: How Doctors Create a World Through Their Words


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