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The personal risk of vaccines is not small at all

<< How do you respond to the position that since the personal risk is small it is our civic and moral duty to vaccinate our kids in order to achieve the greater good of “herd immunity” because when unvaccinated people group together herd immunity is lost and illness spreads, putting everyone at risk? >>

“The personal risk is not small at all, and as a matter of fact, the personal risk greatly exceeds the risk from the illnesses the vaccines are designed to protect against. Therefore it is not our civic or moral duty to sacrifice our children to lifelong autism or suffering and death from lymphoma to protect a few people from diseases like measles and mumps and chickenpox. Rubella, which can be serious for the unborn children, can be protected against by administering immunoglobulin to pregnant women—a much better civic minded solution since the immunoglobulin will be given only to those who need it and does not carry the risks that vaccines do.

In the last major outbreak of measles 47,000 people were infected and six died. In contrast, 44,000 children come down with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) annually, a lifelong disability. About 4,320 children under age 20 will come down with lymphoma (300 with Burkitts) each year and suffer horrors as they undergo extreme and severe chemotherapy. About 864 children will die each year from lymphoma (and about 60 will die from Burkitts). They will die after incredible horror and suffering.”

— Theresa Deisher, PhD, molecular and cellular physiology
<< As you know, there is a great deal of distrust about vaccines and this has pitted parents against parents, parents against doctors, and now parents against the government. Where did this distrust come from? How do we make progress on this issue to ensure maximum protection for everyone’s children? >>

“Distrust comes from the fact that parents watch their perfectly healthy, well developing children regress into autism shortly after vaccination. Why would they trust big pharma, who has no liability, saying vaccines are safe? Why would parents trust the FDA, NIH, and CDC who are dis-incentivized to insure vaccine safety because the pharmaceutical companies have no liability and the FDA, CDC, and NIH employees regularly go on to big fat salaries in pharmaceutical companies?

How do we make progress? Make the pharma companies liable in civil court for vaccine injuries and vaccines will become safe and targeted towards truly life threatening diseases. Allow each parent to choose whether or not and how much to vaccinate their children. Parents of immune compromised children will have to take steps to protect their own children. I had to do this with my son, which I did; I certainly did not demand that the world around me force-vaccinate their children because I would not do the work to protect my son.”

— Theresa Deisher, PhD, molecular and cellular physiology

Courtesy: The Outliers


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