No informed consent for vaccination is unethical medicine

“All vaccines, like prescription drugs, are considered unavoidably unsafe. They carry known risks and unknown risks. There’s no question that death is caused by some vaccines to some children, and severe injury, brain damage in particular. That’s indisputable.

And for that reason, industry and the medical profession were given by Congress virtually blanket liability protection. So we have now an industry with high profits and exceedingly low litigation risks. I think that should set off some alarm bells for us, as it is.

I also think that the global standard for ethical medicine today is prior, free and informed consent. And what [some doctors and academicians] are suggesting is that there should be no free consent for vaccination. I think that’s a very serious departure from medical ethics, and we have to look at it for what it is. This is not just about tort liability, it’s about informed consent.

— Mary Holland, JD, research scholar at New York University School of Law


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