The meningitis B vaccine contains a little more than just proteins

Dr. Paul Offit on Meningoccal B vaccine…

“Yes, I think you should give it. The question shouldn’t be, ‘When do you know everything?’ The question is, ‘When do you know enough?’ What we know about this vaccine is that it is likely to produce serum bactericidal antibodies that are protective. Those protective antibodies will last 4 years. That may not be many years, but it should last years. The vaccine is made from proteins. There is no reason to think that it would by anything other than safe.”
Umm, yeah. A tincy wincy bit more than just proteins…

MenB vaccine ingredients: Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Histidine, antibiotics (neomycin, polymixin B and streptomycin), Sodium Chloride, Sucrose, Factor H Binding Protein (fHbp), Neisseria, Heparin Binding Antigen (NHBA), and Neisserial Adhesin A (NadA)


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