Both ethylmercury and methylmercury are extremely toxic

<< Here’s another thing that we hear. Is ethylmercury safer than methylmercury? What happened to Thimerosal-derived ethyl mercury in the brains of primates? >>

“You know, that’s what’s turning out to be totally wrong, and it’s a matter of oink and oink-oink, really. They’re both extremely toxic compounds, but they do have different toxicities. I would like to use an analogy so people can understand. If you drink methyl alcohol, or wood alcohol, the one thing you can be assured of is you probably will go blind and you very likely will die. I mean, it’s that toxic. It’s lethal. If you drink ethyl alcohol, you’ll get drunk. But if you drink ethyl alcohol a lot, you’ll end up with cirrhosis of the liver. You can even get an alcohol-induced dementia by drinking ethyl alcohol.

So the question here isn’t, ‘Which one’s the most toxic?’ It is, ‘Is ethyl mercury toxic? Does it cause other problems?’ Ethyl mercury releases
more inorganic mercury into the brain than does methylmercury. That’s what the Burbacher study showed (Burbacher TM, Shen DD, Liberato N, Grant KS, Cernichiari E, Clarkson T. Comparison of blood and brain mercury levels in infant monkeys exposed to methylmercury or vaccines containing Thimerosal. Environ Health Perspect 2005; 113:1015-

So therefore, you can make the statement that in certain parts of the brain ethylmercury is more toxic than methylmercury with regard to giving a mercury toxicity in that region. If you look at the immune system, it would be hard to find anything more toxic than ethylmercury with regard to the dendritic cells from the California study, and the inhibition of phagocytosis at one nanomolar.

So they’re both extremely toxic. They have different types of toxicity, but that doesn’t mean that ethylmercury injected into a child is a good idea. That’s like telling your children, ‘Well, we don’t want you drinking any hard liquor but if you go out, drink all the wine you want. I mean, the wine is not as toxic as whiskey, so the one won’t bother you at all.’ I mean, it makes me angry that people try to use, or force that type of logic on well-meaning and well-thinking people. You just have to look up and say, ‘Don’t be such a dummy.’ I mean, Thimerosal is plenty toxic to cause a problem.”

— Boyd E. Haley, PhD, biochemistry


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