Within minutes of being born, babies are assaulted

“When babies are born, they are, by definition, born immature. Their neurological system is immature, their immune system is immature, their lungs have to take that first deep breath in order to get surfactin and mature their lungs. So from the moment of birth, in that first deep breath, there are an enormous number of cascades that have to happen in order, in order for all of the systems to be go, to click on all of the buttons. It’s like launching the Space Shuttle off of the pad… all of the systems have to be go. And all of these cytokines and all of these hormones and everything starts processing all at the same time.

What we do to these newborns is, within minutes of birth, they’re exposed to latex, they’re exposed to vitamin K shots… a vitamin K shot that is given almost immediately after birth, on the outside chance that a very rare blood disorder might be happening in this baby. It has 9 milligrams of benzyl alcohol, and there have been reports in the pediatric literature, particularly the Canadian pediatric literature, that thinks that it’s that vitamin K shot that’s given right at birth, that leads these children, many of them, down the pathway into jaundice, and they have kernicterus and all these different problems because their liver is not meant to handle that big dose of alcohol as soon as they’re born.

Within a few more hours after birth, then we given them a hepatitis B vaccine. The first paper that came out about the hepatitis B vaccine, in using that vaccine in America, was based off of a study that was done in Southeast Asia, where 10% of the population of women in Southeast Asia are endemic to carrying the hepatitis B virus. That 1991 paper, in essence, said because hepatitis B is endemic in the population in Southeast Asia, and mothers there have high incidence of hepatitis B, we should probably give the hepatitis B vaccine to children in [the United States]. It made no sense to me then, it probably makes no sense now.

And so, within hours, we have assaulted this brand new being that’s just landed on this planet, with all these systems needing to go, and we’ve hit them with antibiotics in their eyes, many times they’re exposed to antibiotics coming through the birth canal if mom has a strep B infection, they get a vitamin K shot, they get a hepatitis B vaccine, they get an exposure to latex… And now they’re, maybe, six hours old.”

— Sherri J. Tenpenny, DO


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