Harm from the HPV vaccine is real

“[Harm from the HPV vaccine] is real. The patients have those complaints. The patients have those disabilities. They are real. The reports that have been filed at VAERS are real. And people have been harmed. Now, the question comes is that in medicine there isn’t anything that we do in medicine that doesn’t also harm people. I mean, that was a hard thing to understand when I became a physician, when I became a doctor. I thought all we did was help people, and help people get better. But, in the process of helping people, we also cause harm.

We prescribe medicines to people, and in some people those medicines are going to cause really bad things to happen. You know, whether it’s a heart attack or a rash or whether their tongue swells up, or something bad can happen if you give someone an IV and just give them fluid because they’re dehydrated, if you give them too much fluid you can kill them. So everything that we do in medicine has the potential to cause bad things to happen. And the same is true for vaccines. We can’t say that there is anything that we do in medicine that is 100% guaranteed to only help and never hurt. It just isn’t true, that isn’t the way medicine works.

… [People need] to know that everything that they put in their mouth, every shot that they take, every time they do anything, those always have the potential for something bad to happen. We try very hard to make sure that many more good things happen than bad things happen. The issue with this [HPV] vaccine is that there have been many many reports of girls who’ve been injured with this. The question becomes, at what point does society say enough is enough and we don’t want to give it to anybody else, we don’t want to give the vaccine to anybody else because the rate of this happening is unacceptable.”

— Diane Harper, MD, former lead researcher for Merck on Gardasil vaccine trials


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