Vaccines, at best, postpone susceptibility to disease

“Vaccines do not protect most of us for a lifetime, as we used to believe. They simply postpone the susceptibility to the corresponding diseases but do not extinguish this susceptibility completely. When children are vaccinated against chickenpox, for example, they become vulnerable to it again once the vaccine’s protective effect expires. By that time they might be adolescents or adults, when chickenpox is much more difficult to bear.

Additionally, other mild childhood diseases, if pushed into adulthood, can have dire consequences. Mumps is dangerous for males after puberty due to the potential for causing sterility, and rubella is dangerous for pregnant women due to the potential of causing birth defects in the developing fetus. But do doctors inform us about the consequences of the vaccine -induced delay in susceptibility to viral diseases when they vaccinate our children?”

— Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, immunologist


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