Doctors are taught that vaccines produce antibodies, the schedule, and that’s it

“So I ran a pediatric emergency room and if people came in and they weren’t vaccinated, I was quite upset. Its not that I knew much about vaccines, I did a pediatric residency and you don’t really learn anything. You’re taught the schedule, that’s really what you’re taught about vaccines. You’re taught the schedule and that it produces antibodies and that’s it.

… The kids that come to me from other practices and are fully vaccinated often are the kids, well they are the kids in my practice with asthma, panic disorders, OCD, PANDAS [pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections], autism, Asperger’s. My kids who never have been vaccinated in my practice, I don’t see those issues. I don’t have one child who was not vaccinated who also has asthma or food allergies or Asperger’s or autism or crohn’s or ulcerative colitis. None of these chronic inflammatory or chronic autoimmune diseases, cause that’s how I kind of see them.

I don’t have that in my population that never was vaccinated or even that was probably vaccinated very delayed and selectively but often those kids are in families where the first child was vaccinated fully and there was problems. There was a vaccine reaction and so the parents decided not to and those kids of course, those kids were those who reacted badly, and so those kids are the ones I’m seeing.

… Physicians are really quite naïve about how things work politically and financially, and that things are really the bottom line.

… and we have medical ethics departments that are completely funded by Pharma. That’s a huge conflict of interest. We have a vaccine medical ethics department, the only one in the United States that is completely funded by not only Pharma but by the vaccine manufacturers themselves. So when they are publishing articles, doctors see this and don’t understand who’s funding them and they believe everything when things have been cherry picked. They read a study on Gardasil vaccine they don’t understand that a placebo is not a saline injection.

Most doctors don’t believe me when I tell them that the placebo used in most vaccine studies is the aluminum adjuvant or it is an experimental vaccine.”

— Toni Bark, MD


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