The toxicity of aluminum is far worse than we think

“The other thing we hear is, oh don’t worry about aluminum because it’s completely gotten rid of after it’s injected through the urine. Well, we know that that can’t actually be the case in a newborn because their kidneys aren’t functional enough, and if we were to give that much aluminum to a patient on dialysis who had, say, 10% of their kidney function, or even 5%, there would be significant cognitive breakdown results after the injections.

I think one of the most heinous advertisement for aluminum comes from Dr. Paul Offit, and it’s on the website of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia from April of 2013. There’s a quote on there that says, ‘Aluminum is considered to be an essential metal, with quantities fluctuating naturally during normal cellular activity. It is found in all tissues and is also believed to play an important role in the development of a health fetus.”

Now, if that isn’t one of the most blatant lies that is so easily uncovered just be looking at the conventional medical literature… There’s a Dr. Kawahara that published all kinds of information, with over 80, actually it may be over 200 references about all of the processes in the cell membranes and in the nerves and immune system that are significantly altered, about how genes don’t actually operate properly after these aluminum injections.

So the toxicity of aluminum is actually far worse than what is ever published in the mainstream.”

— Dr. Suzanne Humphries, nephrologist


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