Vaccines do not create healthy children… good nutrition does

“Vaccines may create nutritional failure by inflicting early and severe injury to gut tissue and digestive function by increasing the risk for bilirubin neurotoxicity at birth, by setting off inflammatory responses that consume nutrient stores or secondarily, via brain injuries, impair feeding skill and gut motility. If over-vaccination is triggering food allergies in children, this too creates nutritional risk: Children with food allergies have significantly lower height for age and have poor intakes of essential nutrients compared to kids without food allergy.

This means they don’t grow as well, and may not learn as well as peers. Biased to a belief that vaccine injuries only exist as extremely rare and severe anaphylactic events, and lacking skill to recognize disabling nutrition failures in children, pediatricians are least equipped the help the burgeoning generation of sick children they are arguably creating.

Vaccines do not create health in children. Nutrition status does. Immune function depends on nutrition status, not on how many vaccines a child receives. Even though adults and children are more vaccinated now than ever, the CDC found a nearly 20 percent increase in number of reported ‘unhealthy’ days between 1993 and 2001. We’re just plain sicker than we used to be, despite using more and more vaccines.”

— Judy Converse, MPH, RD


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