As unnatural as sticking a metallic needle into your muscle

“It’s as unnatural as can be to inject, to stick a thin metallic needle into your muscle, and then to inject disease in particular… it’s one thing if you’re injecting a vitamin, which is an essential substance in the first place and proven to be effective, depending on how it’s used… in some cases, proven to be miraculously effective and beneficial. But disease organisms are not naturally encountered that way.

The known poisons included in vaccines, number one… we don’t encounter naturally. There is no formaldehyde bush, there’s not a polysorbate 80 tree… the fruit off of which we eat. There’s not a mercury vine that we can accidentally rub up against… An aluminum bush, with silver berries that we can ingest. That doesn’t happen. Just the very fact they we’re being injected with them is pretty insane.

And if we were to ingest them, there’s an entire process that happens in the gut, and then whatever toxic amount of that substance is still left gets filtered through the liver—the job of which is to detoxify before it enters the bloodstream. So, at the very least, it’s going to be detoxed, to a degree, before it enters the bloodstream. And here we are injecting all these known poisons, neurotoxins, into the capillary bed of the muscles, from which they’r absorbed into the bloodstream.

Now, those proteins. They’re in there… all those animals. The monkeys. The insects. The insects, the insects. The rabbits. The chicken embryos. The cows… there’s all this bovine calf serum. The human fetuses… as bizarre as it is to consider. The proteins from human fetuses that are contained in some vaccines are looked at as food proteins by the body, and seen as foreign.

They’re not the amino acids that are supposed to enter the bloodstream after the food proteins we get from eating, not injecting, are broken down by the digestive tract. In fact, broken down, in some cases, twice. If they’re broken down once and they end up in long-chain amino acids, they are then continued to be broken down in the lower part of the digestive tract again until they reach small-chain amino acids, and then they’re allowed to enter the bloodstream… because undigested proteins are not supposed to be there. And when you inject them and they go virtually, directly into the bloodstream, that’s unnatural act number 3—all in the single act of vaccination.

And then last, but not least, we have the simian virus 40 from the polio vaccine. We have live bird flu virus from the 72 kilos of contaminated swine flu vaccine sent out by Baxter in 2009. We have the shards of glass found in some of the batches of Gardasil [in 2013). We have latex all around found in vaccines from the rubber stopper in some of the containers, and multi-dose vials in particular. Just the introduction of latex in the body is so unnatural itself… but to have it introduced into the capillary beds of the muscles is crazy. It’s unnatural, so we should expect unnatural consequences.”

— Shawn Siegel, The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust


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