I know a bully when I see one

“It must be truly troubling for those who continue to fuel the epidemic of autism and other chronic diseases that even though you still maintain the trust of those in the media, the scientific community, and most of the people in politics, an amazing 39% of the population in a recent Fox News poll believe parents need to have the right to decide how and whether their children can be vaccinated.

You see, I’ve interviewed enough scientists that I understand the world in which you operate. Although you tremble in fear when you confront the dark questions at the heart of why so many children and adults suffer with chronic diseases, you feel quite comfortable making others cower as has been done to you. It must really annoy you when you fulminate against us as if we were some extremist group, that somehow you can’t get the rest of the population to fully buy it.

Oh sure, you can get some lackey journalist to say foolish things, like let’s publish the addresses of the parents who have deviated from the CDC approved vaccination schedule, but it’s just not having the desired effect. It’s a bit like have the beef industry threatening to publish the home addresses of vegetarians.

The typical American is going to watch that and say, ‘I don’t know what to think about vaccinations, but I know a bully when I see one.’ And then you start to lose them.

Because there are only a few ways this thing can go. You need to keep parents and doctors and scientists like us who share the same concerns off the air, but if you do and keep acting like we’re the domestic equivalent of ISIS, people are going to notice. That 39% is where our numbers begin. That’s the number who remain unconvinced, despite you having an overwhelming advantage in the media, the journals, and the politicians.

So, the choice is to continue to keep us off the air, watching that 39% increase as people start to notice WHO is not being allowed to speak, or you can risk trying to look BALANCED and actually put us on the air. Either way, you are walking across very thin ice. The public wants to know that children are safe. And 39% of the public doesn’t think the the whole story has been told. Are you going to publish the addresses of 39% of the population? I doubt that will win many converts.

Maybe you’ve been able to push CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, out of your mind for a while and not think about the THOUSANDS of documents he has turned over to Congressman Bill Posey. Maybe you haven’t really thought much about what it means that Dr. Thompson has been granted CONGRESSIONAL IMMUNITY. Maybe you think they give those out like White House tours. And you don’t consider the implications of Dr. Thompson having one of the country’s best whistleblower attorneys.

Napoleon said that one should never interfere with an enemy when they are in the midst of committing suicide. I’m sure that many people in science believe the CDC is doing that at this very moment. Is that something you want to join? Isn’t it time to come clean?

The system you need to defend is one in which a separate court system provides complete immunity for pharmaceutical companies for their vaccines. Think about that. Close your eyes and imagine saying that to somebody like Megyn Kelly and watching how America reacts.

Let’s all say it together. I BELIEVE IN A SEPARATE COURT SYSTEM THAT PROVIDES COMPLETE IMMUNITY FOR PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES THAT PROVIDE VACCINES TO CHILDREN. I don’t think that’s going to be a winning slogan. It isn’t how you protect children. You protect children by having a legal system which demands that the truth comes out, regardless of who it hurts. That means pharmaceutical companies produce documents, government agencies give us data, and scientists are put under oath. Anything else is a sham.”

— Kent Heckenlively, founding contributing editor to Age of Autism


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