There’s more than enough reason to doubt the vaccine paradigm

“Briefly, the four cornerstones upon which the practice of vaccination rest are: (1) Vaccinations are relatively harmless; (2) vaccinations are effective; (3) vaccinations were primarily responsible for the decline in infectious diseases; and (4) vaccinations are the only practical and dependable way to prevent both epidemics and potentially dangerous diseases.” — Walene James

“The path that diverges from the current vaccine paradigm is a gradual process of awakening. It begins when you realize that one or more of the cornerstones is false. When the first falsehood is uncovered, a need to know more is let out, and it can never be put back in. We know that vaccines can do harm, can kill. We know that vaccines, at the very least, are not always effective. We know that vaccines were not primarily responsible for the decline in infectious diseases during the first half of the 20th century. And we know that the best way to prevent epidemics and diseases is through proper sanitation, quarantine, and strengthening the human immune system. Thus, there is more than enough to question and doubt the vaccine paradigm, and once that seed of doubt starts to be nourished and grow, there is no turning back. So we shall continue to learn and explore and refuse.” — Marco Cáceres

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