A neurologically and cognitively damaged population

<< What do you think is going to happen to the American workforce, college graduates and families, with a widespread neurologically or cognitively damaged male population? >>

“Well, I’m not a doom predictor because I think we’ll survive that. But if you study our graduate programs—and I do that—I mean, it was my job for eight years, trying to ensure that we could get enough graduate students into the chemistry program so we could teach general chemistry, because you need graduate students to run the laboratories. What you see in not only at the University of Kentucky, but at every university in the United States probably, is a huge preponderance of foreign students coming into graduate school because we can’t find enough qualified American students in chemistry and math and other science areas to help us with those laboratories.

So the occupations requiring a math/science education is going to be taken by people who come from countries where they didn’t damage their children. This is not a wild speculation. I think out of 78 nations, if we look at our longevity and our health, the Untied States ranks 72. We’re not ranking in the top ten. So, there’s something wrong with our medicine and it may not be the medicine as much as it is the vaccination policy that’s causing us to have a lot of children that have speech problems or cognitive problems, health problems.

I mean if you’re not making heme and you’re not carrying oxygen very well, you’re talking about chronic fatigue-type problems. If you can breathe well, but you don’t have the heme or the red cells to carry the oxygen to the appropriate spots in your brain or in your body, you are not going to be a healthy person. I mean just look at any animal population that’s been made toxic. You have the same effect. What we’re doing is we’re trying to find somebody to beat on who can’t fight back, and that’s mainly the fish. We go blame the fish. ”

— Dr. Boyd Haley, biochemist


2 thoughts on “A neurologically and cognitively damaged population

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am working on a book regarding this very topic. Acute Skilled Labor Shortage is a topic that can no longer be dismissed because of poor education standards. With decreasing IQ scores, our economy and the world is facing a serious problem.


  2. And the prediction is 1 in every 2 children will have Autism by 2025! Why instill fear about Russia, China, ISIS, when we are eating our own, all in the name of profits!


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