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Injecting children has become ritualistic

“It’s funny, a lot of the time the inside, in its conservative estimations of its own merit, its own science, agrees with the critics, but in between is the interference—the propagandists, the media, who are handmaidens, servants to the Anthony Fauci’s, director of the NIH, of the world who make the public pronouncements about how you’re all supposed to be terrorized because a seagull sneezed in Sri Lanka, so we’re all going to die tomorrow. Uh oh, a seagull has a cold, we’re all going to go. Well, it’s propaganda, and they get us moving.

Vaccination is an interesting topic. I was agnostic to it, really, to some degree. I thought that it perhaps had gotten rid of polio. I did the deep research and found that the history, the recorded history, the public history of vaccination is riddled with argument every step of the way. There were groups saying you’re killing more people than your helping, you’re killing more animal flocks than you’re helping…

You’re taking pus from animals… why is it called vaccination? Spanish, French speaking people know vache or vacca, means cow. They used to scrape pus and blood from the bottom of cows, so you had cowpox and you’d jam it into people’s arm. They found an increase in disease from doing this sanitary practice, big surprise. Well, we’re not very far from that.

We now take monkey kidneys and guinea pigs and hamster kidneys, testicles, ovaries, certain kinds of cellular material that they can use as a substrate, and they stimulate these with chemicals to keep them growing. And then they put some metals in them to… they put polysorbate in there, and a little bit of mercury… no, they haven’t taken it out, don’t let them lie to you. But that wouldn’t be the problem. They take this stuff with animal and human genetic material, proteins, and they inject it into your bloodstream and musculature.

Now, I can breathe with my lungs, and if I breathe in poison, I can breath some out… but it’s bad, but I can breathe some out. And if I eat poison, some of it will get through the intestinal lining and be absorbed, some of it will pass through the bowel and I will vomit some of it. There is no vomiting system in my blood, it’s a trap. To quote Admiral Ackbar, it’s a trap… uh, sorry, Star Wars references.

So you inject it in the blood and you have a massive inflammatory response.. The blood is a closed circuit… oh, okay, you run it through the liver. Well, listen, you can’t breathe it out. So you put foreign proteins, metals, animal and human DNA? … This sound like the Island of Dr. Moreau a little bit. This is why in the movies when the good guy is being held hostage by the bad guy who’s going crazy, he holds a syringe to his neck. Because we know, somehow innately, that injecting somebody, into their bloodstream is bad. This is bad, don’t do that.

But we do it to small children. … You have to ask yourself, is this really a science, or have we replaced some, frankly… old ritual. … We used welcome children into the world through a certain ritual, and we’ve sort of gotten rid of that, we’re secular, all that’s voodoo now, we don’t believe in that. So, now we inject them, and that’s ritualistic too. I think that’s cause for consideration, and I think we should probably really listen to the mothers who’re saying you’re killing children, you’re destroying so much.”

— Liam Scheff, author and journalist


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