Antibiotics enhance the toxicity of thimerosal

“If you add aluminum, by itself, at the same level and the same type, for example, in the vaccines as a preservative or as an adjuvant, the aluminum didn’t do anything… almost no toxic effect at all, whereas thimerosal [tested on] animals dramatically caused neurons to start dying. But if you add thimerosal plus aluminum, the thimerosal is about 6 to 10 times more toxic. So it’s the synergistic effect, which is very common in toxicology. By itself, [aluminum had a negligible effect on neurons solely].

But there were other things. For example, it’s been well known that antibiotics enhance the toxicity of thimerosal. A long time ago when women were using contact lens solution with thimerosal in it, whenever they were to take an antibiotic, tetracycline was a specific antibiotic in the first report… whenever they were on that for a urinary tract infection, they couldn’t wear their contact lens because the tetracycline dramatically enhanced the toxicity of the thimerosal in the contact lens solution. That was back in 1972, 74.

So there are a lot of things that dramatically enhance the toxicity of thimerosal, and when we put antibiotics with the neurons in culture, the antibiotics by themselves had almost no effect. But if you put it in with thimerosal it dramatically enhanced the toxicity of the thimerosal.

Many times, when I’ve been talking to parents who have two or three children, and even identical twins or twins, one of them autistic and one of them not… the one that was autistic was also the one who had ear infections and was given antibiotics, as well as the vaccines, during the well-baby visits.

So I think it’s something that really needs to be studied. I think there is absolutely no doubt, from animal studies, that antibiotics dramatically enhance the retention and uptake of mercury into the body and enhances the toxicity of mercury exposure, thimerosal as well.”

— Dr. Boyd Haley, biochemist


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