Breast milk is better than needles

A baby is born into this world and is offered two choices. The first choice is a soft breast and a nipple.

With that choice, the baby gets breast milk containing colostrum—a pale yellow milk full of protein, minerals, salt, vitamin A, nitrogen, white blood cells and antibodies. The colostrum also has a laxative effect and helps rinse out the baby’s gastrointestinal tract of meconium, the wasteproduct accumulated before birth, reducing the risk of jaundice. As the milk matures, it starts to contain water, fat, carbohydrates, protein, more vitamins and minerals, amino acids, enzymes, white cells, higher fat and calories, and eventually another antibacterial enzyme, lysozyme.

The second choice?

Some cold, sharp needles, and several painful injections into the leg, arm and other areas of fatty tissue. A bunch of doses of neurotoxins… mercury, aluminum, embalming fluid, antifreeze, MSG, polysorbate this and that, human and animal DNA from embryos and discarded fetal tissue, and other chemicals, metals, and repulsive toxic material that you wouldn’t think of squirting into your coffee or tea. No proven health benefit, but lots of brain inflammation, a lifetime of allergies, and possible autoimmune and neurological disorders, and even death.

— Marco Cáceres


One thought on “Breast milk is better than needles

  1. What are you talking about? Breast milk is not the same as a vaccine. You reference a needle full of chemicals yet you don’t site what exactly is being injected. This post is very confusing. Are you saying that breast milk gives babies the same immunization a as vaccines? Please site evidence of this. Thanks.


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