Constantly stimulating the immune system ain’t good

“If we eliminate the aluminum from vaccinations, I would say that by no means [would we solve the problem]. Why? Because the thing that aluminum does is stimulate the immune system. So if we replace aluminum adjuvant with something else that stimulates the immune system, we will have the same problem.

The core problem is repeated vaccinations, and especially closely spaced vaccinations—closely spaced immune stimulus that basically cause increased levels of inflammatory cytokines in the brain. Again, every time you stimulate the immune system, the brain will respond… and if you cross a certain threshold, you will impact in a negative way the regulation and the functioning of the immuno-neuroendocrine network.

…. Aluminum is not present in live attenuated vaccines such as MMR or inactivated polio vaccine or varicella vaccine, BCG… Any vaccine that contains a live agent, which is attenuated and weakened does not contain aluminum, because the whole infectious agent is enough to stimulate the immune system. So if you would give kids 10 shots of MMR spaced every two months, it wouldn’t go well. So I just want to emphasize that it’s not aluminum per se that’s causing the problem, even though the issue with aluminum is not only that it’s an immune adjuvant, but that it’s also a neurotoxin. So it causes double damage in that respect.

So why did I mention intentionally that if you gave kids 10 shots of MMR space two months [apart] you would run into problems? Well, it actually comes from a recently published study from Japan where the team of researchers have shown that repeated immunization with a foreign antigen causes systemic autoimmunity in mice that are otherwise not prone to develop autoimmune diseases.

There are many mice that are genetically modified, and they will actually spontaneously develop autoimmune diseases. And if you challenge them with certain immunotoxic compounds, you will only speed up the development of autoimmunity. But what the research from Japan has shown is that, even in mice that are not prone… they are wild type mice… if you stimulate them in excess, the CD4+ T cells from repeatedly-immunized mice acquire the ability to induce auto autoantibodies which results in autoimmune tissue injury similar to that seen in human autoimmune diseases.

And they basically concluded that systemic autoimmunity appears to be an inevitable consequence of over-stimulating the host immune system by repeated immunization with an antigen. So the key problem is not single vaccines; the key problem is the closely spaced vaccinations, and how you see multiple antigens repeatedly administered every couple of months… which is simply insanity. It’s asking for trouble.”

— Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, biochemist


One thought on “Constantly stimulating the immune system ain’t good

  1. Hi Lucija
    Can you explain what CD4 is and its role in the human body. Also the possible conditions it may cause
    To the brain. I have a daughter who becomes unwell in a cyclic fashion.
    Thank you Janine Morris


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