Drink breast milk for proper immunity

“One of the primary ways which children have immunity is through breast milk. That’s another problem with moving away from traditional breastfeeding to infant formula, because only breast milk contains all the necessary ingredients for proper development of a child, and you can’t really mimic that.”  — Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, biochemist

“… ten researchers from the CDC’s National Centers for Immunization and Respiratory Disease (NCIRD) released a paper arguing that because the immune-boosting effects of breastmilk inhibit the effects of the live oral rotavirus vaccine, nursing mothers should delay breastfeeding their infants is stupefying. Although this paper does not recommend that mothers stop breastfeeding, it does advise them to delay nursing at the time that the vaccine is administered.”  — Christina Sarich, Natural Society

“In conclusion, our findings indicate that the neutralizing activity of breast milk could be one of the many factors that might explain the lower observed immunogenicity and effectiveness of live oral rotavirus vaccines among children in developing countries. These data should encourage clinical trials to investigate whether delaying breast-feeding for a short period before and after giving the vaccine could reasonably improve the immune response and protective efficacy.”  — Sung-Sil Moon, PhD, Yuhuan Wang, MS, Andi L. Shane, MD, MPH, MSc, Trang Nguyen, PhD, Pratima Ray, PhD, Penelope Dennehy, MD, Luck Ju Baek, PhD, Umesh Parashar, MB BS, MPH, Roger I. Glass, MD, PhD, and Baoming Jiang, DVM, PhD


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