Ethylmercury may be more toxic than methylmercury

“If you’re going in for flu shots routinely, you might be exposed to a fair amount of mercury… and the key there is you’re getting these bolus doses… boom, these point injections. And research on spreading out doses versus punctuated doses shows that punctuated doses, or periodic high doses, have more ability to penetrate the brain than distributed doses do. So that’s one of the worse things about getting it from vaccines.

From my work with ethylmercury, I would place ethylmercury at the top of the toxicity scale. Methylmercury has an ability to penetrate through the body very well, but its toxicity is less than the form called inorganic mercury, which is the product that you get once you inhale mercury from your dental mercury, and it breaks down more slowly to this more toxic form. … Whereas ethylmercury has an ability to penetrate the body very well, like methylmercury does, but it breaks down very quickly to this inorganic mercury form.

Plus, by some assays, the ethylmercury form may be more toxic than the methylmercury on its own. So there’s a couple factors in there, but, uh, yeah… I’m no fan of ethymercury, for sure.”

— Chris Shade, PhD, environmental and analytical chemistries of mercury and advanced aquatic chemistry


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