The CDC whistleblower story is only one of many stories

“The CDC whistleblower (Dr. William Thompson) is really just one story. There are so many problems with the CDC, we have so many stories connecting the CDC to fraudulent behavior that the CDC whistleblower is just the last string that we know about, the last big story that we know about. Let me take you back to 1989.

The CDC and Johns Hopkins in West Africa and Haiti experimented on 5-month old infants, giving them an experimental measles vaccine at a dose of 10 to 500 times a normal dose. They wanted to see if they could overwhelm maternal […] antibodies. They did this in accordance with Kaiser Permanente in inner city Los Angeles on black and hispanic infants… again, 5-month olds, and the parents did not know this was experimental.

So starting with the late-80s, you’ve got the CDC with Johns Hopkins, the CDC with Kaiser Permanente, experimenting on infants, with an experimental vaccine, at doses up to 500 times… there were deaths, there were deaths… And they were never investigated for criminal behavior. The head of the CDC at the time admitted this was a mistake. A mistake? It is criminal behavior. Think of all the violations. The families don’t this is experimental. They think their child is getting a vaccine, and we have no know idea what these kids looked like.

So that’s one issue with the CDC. Now, we have rotavirus vaccine. A new rotavirus vaccine coming forward because the old one was causing all these deaths from intussusception. And, with this vaccine, we had the CDC ACIP committee, the committee on childhood immunization practice… They had recommended this new rotavirus vaccine before the FDA had even approved it. It was counter to how things go. Things are supposed to go from FDA, get approved, and then to the CDC, to the ACIP committee to get recommended. Well, it was recommended before it was even approved, and that is just problematic and speaks for itself.

Then we have a problem with somebody by the name of Dr. Poul Thorsen, who is the number one most wanted on the federal government’s medical watch list. So he’s committed medical fraud. He has absconded with a few million dollars from the CDC, and there [have been articles in the media] making light of this… oh, it’s no big deal, doesn’t mean that his work was invalid, just because he was absconding with millions… well, let’s see, was he absconding or was the money transferred to him because he was writing fraudulent deductions or fraudulent conclusions from research? Poul Thorsen’s name is on, I think, three studies that have to do with linking the MMR, or disproving the link between the MMR, and autism.

So here we have already some flashing neon signs about these studies. We’ve got somebody who’s number one most wanted on the federal government’s watch list, who could be put to trial… He’s in Denmark, out in the open, now studying gynaecology. But no, he’s never been extradited. We could [have him] extradited, but it hasn’t happened.

… And now we have a whistleblower coming forward who’s been there for 20 years, whose name is on several studies, as part of a team… Dr. Thompson, a senior researcher on a team, saying that they were told by Julie Gerberding (the director of the CDC at the time) to omit specific data which would, if it was included, really incriminate the MMR in terms of increasing risks of autism, especially in African-American males. So the CDC whistleblower, Dr Thompson… this is just one of many strings of issues that smell like rotten tomatoes to me. There are probably so many more stories, but these are bad enough.”

— Dr. Toni Bark, pediatrician


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