Flu virus delivers much needed sulfate to the blood

“We live in a symbiotic relationship with all the other species, and all of them, even the pathogens, are actually doing something good for us. And this is something that I’m really excited about lately that I’ve learned about the flu vaccine. What’s really interesting about that virus is that it goes into the muscle cells, and it reprograms them to basically hand over their sulfate to the flu virus, and then the cell releases those viruses and they carry the sulfate on their backs, and they deliver it to the blood.

So what’s happening is the flu virus is rescuing the blood from a meltdown. And when you look at it that way, you think, oh my goodness… when you get sick with the flu, it’s actually helping you out, because your blood definitely needs that sulfate, and the flu virus is the messenger, it’s allowed to deliver the sulfate.

The whole system is geared on anti-life. You vaccinate to kill off all the microbes that might infect your body, you know, and then you take all these drugs which are interfering with life in the sense that they’re disrupting some enzyme somewhere that’s probably very critical to a whole bunch of different functions. The whole thing is just interfering with life. It’s such a strange model.”

— Stephanie Seneff, PhD, senior research scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory


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