Doctors regurgitate what little they learned about vaccines in medical school

“[Immunologist Tetyana Obukhanych] says that the whole theory of vaccinations is false, because it’s based on old and outdated material. And so doctors who come out of school, like regular medical doctors, pediatricians, they never ever learn about natural immune function… They don’t realize that when you inject a vaccination it goes completely against how the body and nature would have the immune system respond.

So they come out of school with the knowledge of how to vaccinate, and basically how to store the vaccinations and what the vaccines are used for, but they have very little understanding of how they affect the human body. They actually never look at how the vaccination, when injected into the body and gets into the blood system, can effect every organ of the body, which means every ingredient in that vaccine can circulate to every organ as well.

So doctors don’t get it. Unfortunately, they go to a medical school that only teaches them so much information, they come out and they regurgitate the same information that they learned, and therefore they really don’t understand how dangerous and damaging the vaccines are. I think they do it out of ignorance, to be very honest with you. And, of course, Robert Mendelsohn, who wrote the book How To Raise A Health Child Inspite Of Your Doctor, says that the purpose of the pediatrician is to indoctrinate your child into a life-long dependency on medicine, and that the purpose of the well-baby visit is to vaccinate your baby.

So a doctor gets out of school, they have all those debts to pay from years of being in the medical school, and they come out into practice, and they don’t even have time to look back and see what’s going on with the children they vaccinate… They simply start it up and they keep it going, and it’s happening, though, that many medical doctors from all different fields are now jumping ship and they’re acknowledging that vaccines are bad.”

— Mary Tocco, director of vaccine research and education for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines (MOM)


2 thoughts on “Doctors regurgitate what little they learned about vaccines in medical school

  1. Many pediatricians do not inform about vaccine dangers because they may be unaware of them.

    Autoimmune conditions (there are 100+) may occur up to eight years after vaccination making it practically impossible for doctors to link vaccines to the illnesses.
    Medical faculties, research staff, teaching staff and students are strongly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry which is often involved in financial support. Information regarding pharmaceutical products including vaccines is often filtered by the industry. This applies also to information which the industry gives to their reps.

    Medical students normally study about vaccines for only a short time and doctors often don’t take the time to even read through package inserts.
    Dr. Suzanne Humphries:
    “Do you know how much doctors learn about vaccines in medical school? Nothing – zero point zero, except that vaccines need to be given on schedule when they participate in their pediatrics training and told that smallpox and polio were eliminated by vaccines–neither of which is true. Doctors are indoctrinated with the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective–neither of which is true”.

    Vaccine critics have often spent hundreds of hours, even many years studying vaccines and know far more than the average doctor.

    We are many who are frustrated, unimpressed and tired of trying to ask about and discuss with doctors about vaccine ingredients, safety statistics, potential long term adverse events including carcinogenicity, synergy, interactions, secondary transmission, concomitant administration, etc.

    It is often blatantly obvious that the average doctor has minimal knowledge about the complex issue of vaccination.


    1. “After four years in college, the average allopathic doctor (M.D.) or osteopathic doctor (O.D.) then spend another four years in medical school and do an internship and residency that lasts at least three years.

      During that time, there is plenty of opportunity to learn about vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases. From cell biology and immunology to pediatrics and family medicine, medical students and doctors learn a lot about vaccine-preventable diseases and immunizations.

      Why do anti-vax sites and anti-vaccine parents in message boards claim that doctors don’t know anything about vaccines?

      Why do many parents feel that they know more than their pediatrician when he or she doesn’t know which vaccines are made with peanut oil (Adjuvant 65) or the latest on squalene?

      It is not because your doctor isn’t very knowledgeable about vaccines.

      Instead, it is likely because your doctor just doesn’t know about the latest anti-vaccine conspiracy theories you might have heard of that have gotten you scared of vaccinating your kids.

      How much time does the average chiropractor or homeopath spend learning about vaccines?” –Vincent Iannelli, M.D.


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