We went in for our shot, and then my child regressed dramatically overnight

“The fact that we all, willingly and unknowingly, put our faith and trust in our pediatricians… and really, we were ignorant on this subject. Most of us didn’t know anything about vaccines before we had our kids, and we put our faith and trust in the medical system, and it didn’t work out for us. I kind of like to almost liken it to if you think about autism spectrum, I think vaccine damage is a spectrum also, and we’re on the far end. But I think it comes in many forms. There are a lot of people walking around that have autoimmune issues and problems from vaccines that they don’t even know that they do.

… The million dollar question is why aren’t things changing in the pediatrician’s office quickly enough. It’s certainly not quickly enough for our liking. I think the other thing that’s dangerous, and I can only speak from my story, are those kids with slow regression, because that’s what we live through. We didn’t have a dramatic reaction to any vaccine, but my son was on multiple rounds of antibiotics and got vaccines while he was on those antibiotics, while his body was fighting ear infections… and that’s just as dangerous, because there isn’t a lightning bolt.

I think it’s terrifying that there are so many parents out there that do have that moment, that immediate reaction to vaccines, and we’re still looked at as simpletons, for lack of a better word. … It’s so insulting for these parents that are intelligent and thoughtful and started really looking into what happened to their kids, and are saying, but, we went in for our shot, and then my child regressed dramatically overnight… and it’s dismissed. That’s the scariest thing about what’s happening with… it blows my mind that it’s still happening this way, but it’s ignored. And I think that that’s terrifying.”

— Megan Davenhall, president of Thinking Mom’s Revolution (TMR)


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