Human Fetal Material in Vaccines Can Cause Autoimmune Responses

“[A vaccine is] essentially a virus in liquid that we inject in our children. The viruses are long strands of RNA or DNA, thousands of RNA molecules or DNA molecules. It is too expensive to make the virus in a test tube, and so what the pharmaceutical companies do is they mimic nature’s way of making viruses, and they infect cells. The cells produce the virus. And then they try to purify the virus away from the cellular material to put it in their final product. Anyone who’s taken chemistry would know that no final product is ever pure, and you would know particularly that when you go from small-scale manufacturing your production batch to a large-scale batch, your impurities increase dramatically in your final product.

So in the final product, there are contaminants from the cell that was used to make the virus. When we use chicken egg embryos, there are contaminants from the chicken egg in the final vaccine. That chicken contaminant level is not human, we recognize it as foreign, we mount an immune response to it, and we eliminate it from our bodies. In the case when we are using human fetal cells to manufacture the vaccines, we have fragments of a retrovirus, because one of the babies from which the cells were taken had a retrovirus. We have large amounts of fragments of human DNA, primitive human DNA because it’s fetal DNA, and in some cases the contaminants are at higher levels than the active ingredient of the vaccine. That’s alarming.

What does that mean to a child who’s injected with those materials? Two things are very possible, and the science that demonstrates these things happen is well-established… so there’s a chance that the child would have an immune response to that fetal material because it’s not the child, but it’s so close to the child because it’s human, that that immune response could turn on the child itself and become an autoimmune response. That’s one danger. And the second danger, which we believe is playing the predominant role in damage done to children is a process called insertional mutagenesis… and those DNA fragments can insert into the genome of the child, create subsequent mutations and cause problems.”

— Dr. Theresa Deisher, molecular and cellular physiologist


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