The wash-out period

“When I went to medical school, we were taught that placebos were inert substances that were typically either just injected saline, sterile saline, or, if it was oral, would be a sugar pill. And I have to tell you, that is absolutely not what is going on anymore. Placebos are other drugs that have been used before or, in the case of vaccinations, they are other vaccines which have never been tested, as in Prevnar, when they used an experimental meningitis B vaccine as the placebo… or aluminum.

… Aluminum is considered GRAS, which means generally regarded as safe, although the EPA and FDA have toxic limits, and the vaccines actually exceed them in many cases. And so they don’t actually feel they need to look at the safety, and they feel that it’s okay using something that has known toxic effects and toxic limits, but the NIH considers generally regarded as safe, as the placebo.

So we see this in pharmaceutical drugs as well, the drug trials. What goes in these drug trials are what we call wash-out periods… So they’ll try an antidepressant, and in the first few weeks if a few people getting the antidepressant become suicidal or kill themselves or have horrible reactions, they’re actually taken out of the study. It’s a wash-out period, they wash them out of the study. They wash them out of the study?”

— Toni Bark, MD


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