Any one vaccine has the potential for disaster

“I don’t think that any vaccines are safe, under any circumstances. As what I’ve said many times, a little poison is still poison. It’s still what you inject into your body and what the ingredients are, and we went through this thing a few years ago about Green Our Vaccines, and it’s just impossible, because the manufacturing process uses more than 63 different types of chemicals on all the different vaccines.

They all have additives of things such as aluminum and formaldehyde of various proportions in different vaccines. And so if you get all of the different vaccines, you’ve gotten doses of 63 different types of chemicals—many are of milligram amounts, and so I don’t think there are any that are safer than others… It’s like saying is a level 1 hurricane safer than a level 1 tornado… I mean they both can potentially cause a lot of destruction. What’s coming through that needle, it can always cause harm, and it doesn’t really matter what age you are.

Many times it’s not really a question on the list, but there are many times when people will say, well, if I wait until I’m a little bit older, or the child is a little bit older, does that make the vaccine safe? And the answer is, not really, because vaccines are no respecter of age. I’ve taken care of many vaccine injured adults that are total disability and their lives are total train wrecks. We’re seeing all of the different damaging things that are being done now with the Gardasil vaccine, and these are teenagers.

So waiting until the baby is a little bit older does not make the vaccines any safer. Giving them one at a time, at least by giving them one at a time, if there’s a reaction you’re able to identify which vaccine is causing the reaction, but it doesn’t make it any safer to do it one at a time. It certainly makes it more dangerous to do it multiples at a time, but by doing one at a time you still have the potential, any one of the vaccines has the potential, for disaster.”

— Sherri Tenpenny, DO


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