Risks of vaccines? Eh, who knows.

“About 51% of our children in the country are on medication. They have some kind of chronic illness. … Being on asthma medication, steroids, inhalers counts. It’s such the norm to have food allergies, asthma, eczema, OCD, ADD, ADHD, Asperger’s disease… these things are so commonplace that parent’s don’t even count it. I’ve had parents tell me, oh yeah, my kid’s always healthy… and then when I ask specifically, they were on antibiotics yearly, 10 rounds of antibiotics by age 8…. for strep and ear infections, and [they] used inhalers and admitted twice [into the hospital] for asthma… This is not how it should be.

… We evolved with our environment. There’s nothing advantageous about having recurrent strep, about recurrent ear infections, about having asthma. There’s nothing advantageous in terms of evolutionary progression to have all these diseases. These diseases are man-made. Now, there’s always been [problems] with these issues. Typically, with autoimmune disease, you’d get a virus, you’d get a bacterial infection, and you’d have the right genetics, and so every now and then you would see an autoimmune disease develop, because antibodies cross match or they cross react in parts of the body. But it was very far and few between.

This is an exploding epidemic. It’s not just autism, it’s all kinds of man-made diseases… the cancer rates are out of control, the autoimmune diseases are out of control… We’re seeing young kids with autoimmune diseases that we didn’t see in pediatric populations before. So we’re seeing not just the autism. … It used to be you’d get, every now and then, one in a few hundred thousand, kids would have issues, maybe develop diabetes type 1 at around age 10 or 11 when they were going through puberty… and now we have an explosion of these children. And they’re developing them much earlier.

I remember about 15 years ago, a pediatric endocrinologist telling me the theory was it was a vaccine reaction… that these autoimmune diseases were a vaccine reaction. So I think we need to look at all these diseases together as side-effects, as man-made diseases as the price we’re paying for certain environmental toxins ruining our environment, including our internal environment, with heavy metals and tween 80, which is polysorbate, and live viral material being injected directly into us. I think we need to look at that. We need to look at it really seriously and say, what’s the price we’re paying.

The problem is we don’t know what the risk-benefit ratio is with vaccination, and the reason we don’t know is that we don’t have safety studies… we don’t have safety studies. I don’t care what anyone says at the NIH or at the HHS, we don’t have proper safety studies. … Safety studies are needed, because placebo studies for vaccinations are done not with inert placebos but with other vaccinations, sometimes unapproved experimental vaccines, such as Prevnar was, and sometimes just with the aluminum adjuvant… but they’re done with non-inert substances that cause issues by their own right.

We also don’t have long-term effects, so we’ll look at the first 10 days, or they’ll look at the first 30 days, or they’ll look maybe at the first few months… But we don’t have proper safety studies, and there might be surveillance, but we don’t have access to it… and we couldn’t have proper surveillance either, by the way, because most doctors don’t know to report a vaccine reaction because they don’t recognize them. So we can’t even say what the risk-benefit is, what the ratio is. … Without knowing that, we don’t know how to really recommend vaccines, and for whom, because we have no idea what the risks are.”

— Toni Bark, MD


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