Safety and effectiveness of Tdap has not been established in pregnant women

The Tdap (Tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) vaccines for adults licensed for use in Brazil are Refortrix® (Boostrix®), produced by GlaxoSmithKline of the United Kingdom, and Adacel®, produced by Sanofi Pasteur of France.

“Pregnant women should get a dose of Tdap during every pregnancy, to protect the newborn from pertussis. … Tdap may safely be given at the same time as other vaccines.” — CDC

“Safety and effectiveness of Adacel vaccine have not been
established in pregnant women.” — package insert

“Safety and effectiveness of Boostrix have not been established in pregnant women.” — package insert

Adacel and Boostrix contain Aluminum and Formaldehyde, both of which are toxic to the body. Formaldehyde is a known cancer-causing agent. Aluminum, even in small amounts, is deposited in the brain. Aluminum toxicity has been associated with Alzheimer’s-like symptoms, as well as colic, rickets, gastrointestinal problems, interference with the metabolism of calcium, extreme nervousness, anemia, headaches, decreased liver and kidney function, memory loss, speech problems, softening of the bones, and aching muscles.

Reported adverse events caused by Tdap vaccines include pain at the injection site, swelling, fever, headache, body aches/muscle weakness, fatigue, chills, sore and swollen joints, nausea, lymph node swelling, severe injection site swelling, bruising, sterile abscess, facial palsy, convulsion, syncope (fainting), parasthesia, Guillain-Barre syndrome, myelitis, anaphylactic reaction, hypersensitivity reaction (angioedema, rash, hypotension), urticaria, muscle spasm, and myocarditis (inflammation of the heart).

In addition, no studies have been performed with Adacel and Boostrix to evaluate carcinogenicity, mutagenic potential, or impairment of fertility.

Other ingredients in Adacel include: glutaraldehyde, 2-phenoxyethanol, casamino acids, dimethyl beta-cyclodextrin, ammonium sulfate, and phenoxyethanol.

Other ingredients in Boostrix include: bovine extract, sodium chloride, formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, and polysorbate 80.


— The Outliers


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