When it comes to vaccines, there are good people doing bad things in the medical profession

“On one side you have leading health officials in Britain, the United States and the rest of the world constantly trying to reassure parents that the use of multiple vaccines for children is safe, calling claims to the contrary ‘irresponsible’. On the other side is an army of well informed parents, doctors and scientists who are questioning the basic medical reasoning and even the sanity of pediatricians for their constantly escalating chemical attack (via vaccines) on children.

Obviously it is not entirely the doctors’ fault; medical schools and pediatric medical organizations force doctors into a blind belief in pediatric pharmacology and keep them in line by holding the threat of severe punishment and excommunication from the profession if they deviate from established protocols of practice. However there is no changing the fact though that children who are under the care of pediatricians are sicker now, emotionally and physically, than ever before.

… Doctors and nurses […] they genuinely believe they are acting in the best interests of their patients when they vaccinate. They will have to acknowledge that they have swallowed―hook, line and sinker―a great deal of propaganda and information that does not reflect medical truth, information that came from medical officials, organizations, and their teachers at medical schools. It is information tainted with conflicts of interests that know no limits.

There are good people doing ‘bad’ things in the medical profession today and what should really be done when the smoke all clears is open to any amount of debate. There is no doubt that practicing physicians and nurses are expected to unquestionably endorse the safety of vaccines regardless of circumstances, and to all individuals. It is an undeniably powerful force that is being applied from ‘above’ and any who step out of the herd are liable to end up in big trouble with local medical boards, and doctors and nurses know and fear this.

… But we have to consider what Harris Coulter said and apply it across the board to the entire field of pediatrics: ‘The manufacturers of vaccines and the pediatricians who administer them are simply unwilling to criticize their source of livelihood. Vaccinations provide such a large proportion of their livelihood that without them they would have to change occupation and practice another specialty.’ A huge economy has risen around all the forms of pediatric medicine, a dependency on the act and long term process of poisoning the young and benefiting financially from it.

… When it comes to subjects like childhood vaccination or children’s treatment at the hands of oncologists, dentists and psychologists, our entire society is less than honest. As children get sicker and sicker, pediatric organizations and governmental agencies will wait forever for ‘studies’ that will never be done to show them the tragic error of their ways.”

― Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD, author of the book The Terror of Pediatric Medicine (http://drsircus.com/free-e-book-the-terror-of-pediatric-medicine)


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