The medical system kind of stinks

“The human design is highly flexible within its functional boundaries, yet there are certain step-wise processes that must occur without interference for the best possible outcome. There’s an ideal foundation that will leave the cogs in that machine moving smoothly, and there are many potential spanners that can halt normal function and leave parents in the middle of a life-long nightmare.

Many factors are important when it comes to building a life that will withstand the adversity on this planet. It often comes as a total surprise to parents that some of the worst adversity comes from the conventional medical program itself. There’s a lot of information and misinformation. There are powers and power struggles and politics within the medical system.

For instance, in the United States we have a public figure-head doctor named Dr. Paul Offit who says that a newborn infant can tolerate 100,000 vaccines at once. And he not only says this publicly, but he’s written an article in the journal Pediatrics that says this, and it’s his theory. And there’s another public figure-head doctor named Dr. Gregory Poland who states verbatim on the internet and in articles that flu vaccines are anti-autism vaccines and should be given to pregnant women because of that.

These statements are derived from more than just a little bit of extrapolation from reality, they have a twist of wishful thinking and a big dose of fantasy tossed in. There are many other scientists getting less publicity who have published totally contrasting theories based on their own experimental models, and these are all published in mainstream medical journals.

Getting to the truth about vaccination and the best health care possible is very important to me, because my goal as a physician is to give patients the best odds of a non-medical life… meaning that they don’t even need me. What I’ve come to more fully realize in the past few years is that most of what the system of medicine has to offer is lowering those odds, and not working on an individual or necessarily even a group level.”

— Suzanne Humphries, MD, nephrologist


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