So many in the vaccine industry violate fundamental principles of ethics

“When we look into policy makers and regulatory agencies that promote and mandate vaccines, we see over and over that they are financially tied to vaccine manufacturers. Of course there are many parents who are vaccine proponents, who have nothing at all to do with the pharma payroll. It’s the people who convinced us all that vaccines are safe and effective who invariably stand to benefit financially: either they own drug company stock, hold a vaccine-related patent or receive compensation of some type from pharmaceutical companies.

It isn’t only doctors who reap the financial benefit of an expanded and vigorous vaccine schedule. Legislators and politicians have their hands in the pie too. No matter where we look, the drug company money trail leads to the most fierce vaccine defenders. We must conclude that, at the very least. the judgment of those sharing profit with pharmaceutical companies is compromised.

So many policy makers, regulatory agencies, doctors, medical institutions and academic institutions have violated a fundamental principle of ethics, which is to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. They consistently tell us that taking money from drug companies does not constitute a conflict of interest because it does not influence their decisions, but it does and there is plenty of research to prove it.

… Billions of dollars, spent year after year, buys a lot of influence. It is enough to buy an army of loyalists. How many of these doctors are writing favorable reviews about pharmaceutical products? How many times are they influenced to write a prescription for a particular drug, based on their relationship with the manufacturer? How much advertising for the drug companies have these doctors done, under the guise of continuing education? Somehow, these blatant conflicts of interest are considered normal practice in the medical world.

As Dr. Marcia Angell (former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine) tells us, the pharmaceutical industry spends vast sums of money to purchase influence, and, as she puts it, ‘it nearly always gets what it pays for.'”

— Vision Launch Development Group


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