We do not have the technology to completely purify vaccines

“Michael Steward, Professor of Immunology at the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, headed a team working on new vaccines, so I asked him about children who fell severely ill shortly after taking vaccines based on living viruses. One of my questions was: ‘Could their parents possibly be right in suspecting the vaccine?’ His reply was: ‘What else would you expect?’ I expressed surprise. He continued, ‘We all know the current living viral vaccines are dangerous—that is why I am heading a team to try to develop safer vaccines.’

Quite simply we still do not have the technology available to completely purify these vaccines; at least at a price the manufacturers are willing to pay. WHO instead has set a ‘recommended’ level for maximum vaccine contamination. It recommended in the mid 1990s that ‘the amount of cellular DNA [contaminating] biological products should be limited to 100 picagrams [100,000 billionths of a gram] per dose’.

This limit however seemingly proved ‘unrealistically low’. So the recommended maximum was increased ten thousand fold to 10 nanograms (ten billionths of a gram).

However, a safety supervising scientist admitted in 1999 that ‘for live viral vaccines, … it may not be possible to limit the total amount of DNA to ten nanograms’. In case this level of contamination seems inconsequential, I believe ten nanograms is greater than the approximate weight of 250 million polioviruses or 200 million SV40. The seriousness of this level of contamination is still undetermined, but it has been noted that the presence of a single SV40 virus, or a piece of free DNA, in a cell, may suffice for that cell to be damaged, and possibly made cancerous.”

— Janine Roberts, investigative journalist and author of the book Fear Of the Invisible http://www.amazon.com/Fear-Invisible-Janine-Roberts/dp/0955917727


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