Science and darkness

“Once you realize that vaccination’s an issue of trust more than science, the puzzle pieces quickly fall in place. Weather worn editors of some of the most prestigious medical journals in the western world are reluctantly compelled to admit that we can no longer rely on peer reviewed science and the judgement of MDs; that medical science has taken a turn toward darkness.

For us, who focus on vaccines, that darkness is terribly personal; that darkness often is the inexorable extinguishing of the light of expression in so many kids; of the descent into unthinkable pain and nightmare, where the intellect is present, but throttled, obscured, imprisoned, by the havoc wrought in the transmission of neurological signals to, from and within the brain; where the normal sensory process has become a house afire.

We’re told so thoroughly and often by parents that their previously healthy kid emerged from a round of vaccines significantly changed, to worsen until the damage was terribly severe, sometimes permanent, and when not, alleviated only after months if not years of dedicated research and treatment. Science is first and foremost observation. There’s our science.”

— Shawn Siegel


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